Pastor Guide Sheets

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01.27.16 | Addictions | by Dr. Joe K. Taylor

Dealing with addictions are tough. This guide gives Biblical and practical ways of dealing with the very real struggle of addiction.


01.26.16 | Religions | by Dr. Joe K. Taylor

Ever wonder what the Mormon faith teaches and what your Mormon friends believe? This document explains the beliefs of Mormonism and gives practical advice of how to speak with your Mormon loved ones.


01.26.16 | Loss | by Dr. Joe K. Taylor

What do you do when you have lost someone dear to you that has taken their own life? This document will bring scriptural and practical help for you during this incredibly difficult time.

The Marriage Update

01.23.16 | Marriage | by Dr. Joe K. Taylor

Sometimes marriage gets stale. Revitalize your marriage with this mini Triumphant Marriage Conference course. Revisit the biblical roles of husband and wife, love languages, and fill out and stick to the "Game Plan". 

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