Pastor Guide Sheets

When Babies Die

01.05.16 | Loss | by Dr. Joe K. Taylor

Sometimes tragedy happens in the worst possible way. Unfortunately sometimes we lose young people or even babies. Do they go to heaven when they die? How do we know?


01.02.16 | Religions | by Dr. Joe K. Taylor

This resource gives an overview of what those of the Islam faith believe. It also includes practical resources on how to share your faith with someone of this faith.

Building Momentum In Marriage

01.01.16 | Marriage | by Dr. Joe K. Taylor

For the record, the institution of marriage is in trouble today. Read the latest statistics and the numbers will not encourage you. In fact, larger numbers of people are postponing marriage or avoiding it altogether until much later in life now...


01.01.16 | Personal Growth | by Dr. Joe K. Taylor

We all get angry. Some have a difficult time controlling our anger. This Biblical resource gives guidance on how to understand and deal properly with anger.

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